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Я такой же как ты

Video by Chaosform


Album cover: Dan Lish  |  Video by Chaosform
Album "ALI"

Zastoy 2.0

Directing by Pavel Bardin
Album "ALI"

Making true hip-hop since 1993

Making true hip-hop since 1993

LIGALIZE is not just an iconic hip-hop artist, but a person who forever inscribed himself in the annals of Russian rap. He is the one who stood at the origins of such a phenomenon as Russian rap, the first person who managed to make this genre popular. His songs are accessible and understandable to everyone, without adjustment for age and generation. Released in 2006, the debut album “XL” became platinum and is still the best-selling Russian hip-hop CD. LIGALIZE is one of the few artists to be recognized from both fronts of popular music. Remaining a hip-hop artist, he manages to expand the boundaries of the genre: rock provocation, social protest, mainstream and underground. The artist keeps his pace with the times and today his new works are saturated with a protest spirit and reflect the problems of current Russian reality.



Album "ALI" (2020)

Album "Molodoy Korol'" (2018)

Album "Zhivoy" (2016)

Album "XL" (Remastered) (2007)

Album "XL" (2006)

Full discography

D.O.B. "Koroli Andergraunda" (2004)

Ligalize & P13
"Provokatsiya" (2003)

Legal Busine$$ "Rifmomafia" (2000)

Ligalize & DJ Nik-One
"Yung King Mix Tape" (2019)

Yarost' Inc
"Bochka Degtya" (2010-2012)

Bad B Alliance
"Noviy Mir" (2002)

Bad Balance
"Kamenniy Les" (2001)

D.O.B. Community "Archive" (1997)

D.O.B. Community "Rushun Roolett" (1996-1997)

"Salute From Russia" (1993-1995)